How To Lose Weight In One Day

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How to Lose weight in one day? I come around an interesting one day diet. Unlike the rest of the diets, this one doesn’t force you to starve for the entire day, and this is healthy for the body and also the nerve system. To reduce your weight fast it can take only to go on a fruits diet, according to which you consume no more than 810 calories and also don’t feel the lack of nutrients.

how to lose weight in one day


The breakfast, for all those who want to get slim in one day, should start with a salad made with cottage cheese. You will need 200 grams of non-fat cream cheese. Add 0,11 lbs (or 50 g ) of mineral water to the cheese. Blend the mix and after that add finely cut 50% of a banana. Sprinkle the salad with a lemon juice.


One apple makes good snack before lunch. As for the lunch – eat some pancakes fried on one tablespoon of oil. The pancake dough is made with one tablespoon of flour, one egg, six tbsps of mineral water and some sugar. Mix the ingredients well. Eat the pancakes with one tablespoon of apple pureĆ©.

Afternoon Snack and Dinner

Have one apple for the afternoon snack. Dinner is a fruits salad. To make the salad, take any one of the four types of fruits, cut them and add an orange juice and one tablespoon of honey.

Foods at the end of the Day

You don’t have to feel guilty for eating an apple right before bedtime. By following this diet, the body will get enough food, and you’ll not feel hunger. Additionally, the calorie consumption is quite low while the food is very tasty.

In case you’ve time, do some exercises. They’ll make your metabolic process faster, and can help to drop weight.

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